This is, indeed, a great business. This fact was recently brought home to me during a train ride from downtown Chicago to O’Hare airport. I’d just left a very bad meeting where a client had killed a whole bunch of my work. I fumed for the first couple of miles. (“That was a really good campaign! They can’t kill it!”) As I sat there feeling sorry for myself, the gray factories passed by the train windows. Miles of factories. On the loading docks, I could see hundreds of hardworking people. Laborers forklifting crates of Bic pens onto trucks, hauling boxes of canned peaches onto freight cars. They’d been there since six o’clock in the morning, maybe five o’clock. These were hardworking people.With real jobs.

[…] You’ll be paid a lot of money in this business.You’ll never have to do any heavy lifting. Never have dirt under your fingernails or an aching back when you come home from work. You’re lucky to be talented. Lucky to get into the business.

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Ivy – Bicycle Cable Lock Inspired by Nature by Sono Mocci

“Why does our bicycle need to be connected to light poles by chains like a criminal in prison? Inspired by nature, the design of this cable wire lock is a mimicry of ivy. It is unified in our dailyscene and promotes protection of the environment. It is soft and feels natural. ‘Ivy’ is a plugto awaken the relationship between you and society. 4 dial number lock, steel wire + silicon gomcovered. 2 sizes: short (900mm), long (1500mm)”




Having a baby can be a tumultuous time with a million and one things to organise before the ‘big day’. We were approached by Sarah Cole, a recent addition to motherhood, with an idea to create a curated bag service with everything a mother-to-be and her bub need for their hospital stay. We established the naming, positioning and communications strategy for the business. Developing the name Bundle to capture a sense of softness – a moment of tranquility and security amongst the frenzy of pregnancy and birth, whilst directly referencing the nature of the product. Touching on nostalgic quips ‘bun in the oven’ and ‘bundle of joy’ we expanded the soft lingual tone graphically with a considered typographic brand marque that skewed the viewers perspective, feeling larger than life.
A playful ‘buttoned up’ B insignia grew from the brand marquee, capturing the nature of bundling a heap of things into a bag, this combined with a tactile focus on production translated the packed-to-the-brim value of the product to the printed collateral and activated the sense of touch furthering the childlike curiosity of the brand experience. All this softness was contrasted with an industrial and pragmatic supporting typographic approach to balance and solidify the reliability of the brand. We then created an online resource with checklists, a tips hotline and a ‘Build your Bundle’ interactive e-commerce section to breed a digital dialogue between the brand and consumer – making Bundle the go-to resource for mothers-to-be.

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